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Hello! My name is Ross McCleary. I am a fiction writer, poet, and spoken word performer from Edinburgh, Scotland. My work has been published in 404 Ink, Structo, Riddled with Arrows and lots of other places. A reasonably exhaustive oeuvres can be found in my blog posts. A novella, Portrait of the Artist as a Viable Alternative to Death, was published by Maudlin House in 2016. It was described as “yowlingly funny and wrenchingly tragic” by Rachel McCrum; “frequently reach[es] astonishing places” by Martin MacInnes, and “exhaustingly beautiful” by Ross Sutherland. Excerpts of it can be read here, and heard here.

I am an organiser with Inky Fingers, a monthly spoken word open mic night, and I organise, book, and write events with Andrew Blair under the name Poetry As Fuck. Our recent output includes a Saboteur Award shortlisted show called ‘The Ambassador’s Reception’ (co-produced with Interrobang), the Wikipedia Slam (which was featured on the Janice Forsythe show) and the Slaminals of Farthing Wood. We also produce Lies, Dreaming, which is a quarterly submission-driven poetry podcast with a theme. Themes have included Tim Henman, IKEA, and The One Show.

I am currently working on a novel and poems inspired by / in confrontation with LinkedIn. Please add me as a connection here and endorse me for Poetry and cowardice. You can see me perform some of these works here:

I am available for spoken word things, writing commissions, and everything in between. I can be reached through my contacts page or by emailing me.

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